Siem Reap Urban Adventures Team

Meet some of the team...



Sokline…………… “Aline” comes from Battambang which is the second largest city in Cambodia and is famous for its beautiful women! Aline decided to join the travel industry after leaving University as her dream was to the see the world!   Aline works in the very busy operation's section of Urban Adventures and her job is to make sure your trip runs smoothly. 


She loves being creative, coming up with new ideas and solving problems, and one of her great ambitions is to help improve the economy of Cambodia.  In her free time Aline loves to explore the many temples in the Siem Reap area, is a great cook of traditional Khmer food, or can be found singing Karaoke songs with her friends.  Would you like to join them? 





VanthaSekchanvantha……..”Vantha” started his career as an interpreter for the United Nations in Cambodia and is now one of our top guides. He decided to work in the travel industry as he wanted to teach people about Cambodian history, culture and traditions. 


A native of Siem Reap town Vantha is excited to work with the Urban Adventures team and looks forward to showing you the secrets of his hometown.   In his time off Vantha plays volleyball (Khmer style) and boule, (similar to bowls).





SokkheangSokkheang………… another amazing guide born and bred in Siem Reap.  Sokkheang leads trips through Thailand and Vietnam, which he loves, but his passion is to show off his home country.   "Kheang" came to work in travel directly after finishing school, seeking a challenge and wanting to learn about different cultures. 


From humble beginnings his career has grown and he now counts people from all corners of the earth as his friends. Cambodian’s love sport and in his free time Sokkheang can be found with his friends on the volleyball court, or cruising the narrow village paths looking for new bicycle routes for our visitors to experience.